Substitute for Dry Milk

Substitute for Dry Milk
Substitute for Dry Milk

Milk is an essential ingredient for our bodies. Whether you ingest it as a beverage or you use it as an ingredient in food such as bakeries, it is still a nutritious component of the diet. With enhanced protein levels, milk is an excellent addition to food for children and adults alike. Therefore, if you run low on dry milk, you can be sure that there are a few substitutes you can bring on board.

1. Protein-packed substitutes

This kind of substitute contains proteins as critical nutrition. However, it lacks lactose- the essential component of milk. These powders can be soy or whey. Usually, proteins help in body development in terms of muscle and repair of body tissues. Therefore, you can add soy or whey powders to your shakes, smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes, scrambled eggs, or soup to have that nutritious protein boost to your body. What’s more, is that this addition is non-fat. However, you can use this supplement to gain weight and develop body muscle mass.

2. Rice milk powder

This is a carbohydrate-packed meal that is consumed mostly y people who are vegans and those with lactose intolerance. Basically, they don’t have the same taste or nutritional value as actual milk powder. However, they serve the purpose.

Rice milk is slightly sweeter than regular milk. Therefore, it can be applied as an ingredient in baked foods, cereals, tea, smoothies, coffee, etc.

3. Potato milk powder

However, less known, potato milk is a perfect substitute for you. Firstly, it does not have proteins, caseins, gluten, fats, soy, cholesterol, etc. This makes it a great option for4 those people with weight loss issues, lactose intolerance, protein concerns, etc.

You can make your potato milk art home by blending cooked potatoes while adding water and a sweetener, and you can also add almond to make your milk more nutritious. However, you can purchase it from stores in powder form. You only need to add water and mix. You can also get this substitute in chocolate powder.

4. Coconut milk powder

This is an exciting option for those people with chronic milk allergies and vegans. Coconut milk is considerably heavier than ordinary milk powder. This is down to the presence of oil. This feature puts coconut oil in a good position to be able to manufacture non-dairy creamer. Furthermore, this product can also be used in baking and cooking dishes such as beef.

Processed coconut milk is mostly caseinate. Therefore, before using the product, check the labels first, especially if you are allergic to casein. On the other hand, you can make your own coconut milk from home. This can be done by squeezing soaked fined grated flesh. Then, you strain and refrigerate it.

Facts Summary Table

Nutritional Facts Calories (per 100g) Total Fats (g) Carbohydrates (g) Proteins (g) Source Works Best in
Protein-packed substitutes Varies Varies Varies Varies Plant-based sources like tofu, tempeh, legumes Vegan or high-protein diets
Rice milk powder Varies Varies Varies Varies Derived from rice Dairy-free and vegan recipes
Potato milk powder Varies Varies Varies Varies Made from potatoes Dairy-free and gluten-free recipes
Coconut milk powder Varies Varies Varies Varies Derived from coconuts Curries, desserts, and tropical dishes


What happens if I use water instead of milk in bread?

Using water instead of milk in bread can produce a slightly less rich and tender texture. Milk contains fat and proteins that contribute to softness and flavor. The bread might be slightly less moist and have a less pronounced taste. However, bread made with water can still turn out well, just with a different texture and flavor.

Can I use regular milk instead of dry milk in a bread machine?

Yes, you can use regular liquid milk instead of dry milk in a bread machine. Dry milk is not essential for making bread, but liquid milk can enhance flavor, texture, and nutritional value. You may need to adjust the overall liquid content of your recipe slightly when using liquid milk.

What is a substitute for 2 tablespoons of dry milk?

You can substitute 2 tablespoons of dry milk with 1/2 cup of regular liquid milk. This replacement can work in recipes that call for dry milk.

Can I use regular milk instead of dry milk in bread machine?

Yes, you can use regular liquid milk instead of dry milk in a bread machine. Dry milk is often used in bread recipes to enhance flavor and texture, but using liquid milk can achieve similar results. Remember that using liquid milk might slightly alter the moisture content of your dough, so you may need to adjust the overall liquid amount in your recipe accordingly.

The bottom line

Powdered milk is basically dried dairy milk. However, it is dried to enhance its shelf life when stored at room temperatures. Also, it is non-fat. This is a feature that people are keen on lest they gain senseless weight without even knowing. This milk can be used to bake pastry and cakes.

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