Substitute for Diced Tomatoes

Substitute for Diced Tomatoes
Substitute for Diced Tomatoes

Tomatoes are fruits that are mostly used as veggies, and in this case, they are spices. Cooking has been normalized using tomatoes. Bad seasons may hamper the production of this precious red gold. Due to this, the demand may become higher, making the prices of tomatoes soar. To help absorb such shock, you need to have alternatives.

In this case, there are limited options to circle. The closes options remain to be direct substitutions, so that you will be substituting different forms of tomatoes. Depending on the recipes, you will also be needed to alternate these ingredients. So, it isn’t a question of demand and lack of; it is also a question of what the recipe directs you to do.

1. Diced tomatoes and tomato puree

In the first case, we’ll look at how you can substitute diced tomatoes with tomato puree. The difference between these two is basically in their physical form. However, they are all made of tomatoes. A tomato puree is cooked into a paste. It is used to provide thickness and flavor to the dish. O0n the other hand, diced tomatoes are cut into regular pieces. They are used in giving garnish.

You will need either of the two while cooking a stew or a soup, a liquid meal. However, diced tomatoes do not provide the best texture for your meal. This is why tomato puree should be used without question if a recipe is keen on the texture. Tomato puree can withstand extreme heat. With diced potatoes, you cannot expose them to heat for long, for it will disintegrate.

2. Diced tomatoes and chili sauce

Red pepper chili sauce can be used as an alternative to diced tomatoes. The reason is that the chili sauce is made using tomato sauce. Furthermore, it does not only incorporate tomatoes, but it has other spices that make dishes spicier and more attractive than necessarily using tomatoes.

Chili sauce mixes deseeded red pepper with almond oil and tomato sauce. The mixture is blended to yield a fine solution which is further acidified using vinegar. You can also experiment with cinnamon, clove, garlic, and other spices. Also, lemon juice can be used to acidify the solution.

3. Diced tomatoes and ketchup

Here, ketchup replaces diced tomatoes in cooking. This is one of the most successful substitutions. Ketchup is made by mixing tomato sauce, sugar, vinegar, and clovers. Due to the presence of tomatoes in the ingredients, ketchup can be a great alternative for diced tomatoes but in the correct recipe.

4. Diced tomatoes and tomato juice

Tomato juice is made by mixing tomato sauce, and water then blended to make a fine solution. It can also be referred to as tomato soup.

Facts Summary Table

Substitute Flavor Profile Texture Best Used In Source
Diced Tomatoes and Tomato Puree Mild, balanced tomato flavor Varies (depends on preparation) Sauces, soups, stews Fresh tomatoes and blended tomatoes
Diced Tomatoes and Chili Sauce Spicy, tangy, tomato flavor with heat Varies (depends on preparation) Chili, Mexican dishes, dips Fresh tomatoes and chili-based sauce
Diced Tomatoes and Ketchup Sweet, tangy, tomato flavor Varies (depends on preparation) Burgers, sandwiches, sauces Fresh tomatoes and ketchup
Diced Tomatoes and Tomato Juice Mild, slightly tangy tomato flavor Liquid Drinks, soups, cocktails Fresh tomatoes and tomato juice


What can you use instead of diced tomatoes?

If you don’t have diced tomatoes, you can consider using canned crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, or even fresh tomatoes as a substitute in certain recipes.

What is a non-tomato substitute for diced tomatoes?

Depending on the recipe, you might consider using diced bell peppers or cucumbers if you’re looking for a non-tomato substitute. These can provide a similar texture and a refreshing flavor without the tomato taste.

Can you replace diced tomatoes with fresh tomatoes?

Yes, you can replace diced tomatoes with fresh tomatoes. To do this, peel and dice fresh tomatoes to match the quantity needed in the recipe. Remember that fresh tomatoes might have more moisture and a slightly different flavor than canned diced tomatoes.

The bottom line

From the above discussions, you can point out that the different alternatives that can be used for diced tomatoes simply do exist in different forms. However, the user is guided by the type of food they are preparing.

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