Substitute for Swiss Chard

Substitute for Swiss Chard
Substitute for Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is a dark green leafy vegetable that has a good taste and is very good when consumed as the health benefits are top-notch. This vegetable is one of the best and most beautiful vegetables and is widely used by chefs and vegetarians.

Swiss chard stalk is made up of different beautiful colors like red and yellow. But this stalk is not edible and is usually chopped off. Swiss chard is used to prepare sauces, pizzas, and salads. It contains important nutrients and health benefits like stabilizing blood sugar levels and preventing lung cancer. But there are times it would not be available in which you would need good substitutes like the ones below.

1. Mustard green

Mustard green is one good substitute for Swiss chard as it is kind of similar in the dark green leaf and colorful stalks. Mustard green is a beautiful vegetable as it gives your salad and sauces a good texture and flavor.

Mustard green is of great benefit to human health as it is good for bone health and fighting against heart disease. It has a pepper taste which makes it good for your sauces.


Mustard green is a very good substitute for Swiss chard, though similar, but has a stronger pepper taste. The same goes for the super health benefits it offers.

2. Beet Greens

Of course, beet Greens are so good and tasty to be sued for our sauces and soups. That is the reason it is a good substitute for Swiss chard. Beet Greens is very tasty and adds such a nice flavor for anything it is prepared with.

Beet Greens also contains essential nutrients that help to build the body and help in lowering blood pressure.


Beet Greens is a good substitute for Swiss chard without you regretting it because it has better taste and unique flavor that gives your sauce or salad a good form.

3. Spinach

There is no way spinach can be excluded as it has almost the same qualities and features, which makes it a good substitute. Spinach is a green vegetable that is edible and can be eaten raw or cooked. Its leaves are enticing to the eyes and good for your salads. Spinach contains a good quantity of protein and fiber and is a good source of Vitamins. Spinach also has health benefits like the prevention of cancer and kidney stone.


Spinach is a super substitute for Swiss chard and can do more than the latter because it offers good taste and flavor to your sauces and salads with its health benefits.

4. Dark Leafy Green

Dark leafy greens as the name tells are dark vegetable s and good substitute for Swiss chard. It can make your soups and sauces and taste like Swiss chard.

Dark leafy greens contain essential nutrients and vitamins that boost your body’s antibodies. It is an antioxidant and improves the immune system when consumed.


The dark leafy green is a good substitute for Swiss chard as the leaves are green. It also offers the same unique taste, and its benefits in the immune system are great.

5. Collard Greens

Collard green is a sumptuous substitute for Swiss chard and should be used when the latter is not available. Collard green is a good source so vitamins A, C, and K. This vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked with the nice flavor I add to whatever it is cooked with.

It helps improves the growth of hair in the head and skin and also aids in the digestion process.

Summary Table

Ingredient Calories Total Fats (g) Carbohydrates (g) Proteins (g) Source Works Best In
Mustard Greens 27 0.6 4.7 2.9 Grocery stores Salads, sautéed
Beet Greens 22 0.2 4.3 2.3 Grocery stores Salads, smoothies
Spinach 23 0.4 3.6 2.9 Grocery stores Salads, smoothies
Dark Leafy Green Varies Varies Varies Varies Grocery stores Various dishes
Collard Greens 32 0.5 6.8 2.7 Grocery stores Soups, stews


Can you substitute Swiss chard for spinach?

Yes, you can substitute Swiss chard for spinach in many recipes. However, keep in mind that Swiss chard has a slightly earthier and more robust flavor than spinach, so the dish’s taste may be altered.

Does Swiss chard taste like collard greens?

Swiss chard and collard greens have different flavor profiles. Swiss chard has a milder, slightly earthy taste, while collard greens have a more distinct and hearty flavor. They are not identical in taste.

Can you substitute chard for kale in a recipe?

Yes, you can often substitute Swiss chard for kale in recipes. Both are leafy greens, but Swiss chard has a milder flavor than kale. Adjust the cooking time and method accordingly, as Swiss chard may cook faster than kale.

Are Swiss chard and kale interchangeable?

Swiss chard and kale are similar in that they are both nutritious leafy greens but have distinct flavor profiles. Swiss chard is milder and less bitter than kale. While they can sometimes be used interchangeably in recipes, the dish’s taste and texture may differ.


Collard green is a good substitute for Swiss chard and provides the body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

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