Substitute for mushrooms

Substitute for mushrooms
Substitute for mushrooms

Mushroom also called toadstool is a spore-bearing and fleshy fruity body of a fungus. It is produced on soil, above the ground, or from its source of food. The identification of mushrooms needs one to get a general understanding of the macroscopic structure. Edible mushrooms should be identified keenly from toxic ones. Nutritional value in 100g are 94KJ energy, 4.3 carbs, 0.1g fat, 2.5g protein, 1% vitamin D, 6% folate, 8% vitamin B-6, 25% niacin, 42% riboflavin and 9% thiamine. Minerals include 2% calcium, 3% iron, 3% magnesium, 7% manganese, 17% phosphorus, 10% potassium, and 12% zinc. Mushrooms protect from cancer, lowers cholesterol, boost immunity, fight aging, anti-inflammatory properties, and maintain healthy blood circulation and blood pressure. Here are the top substitutes for mushrooms.

1. Garbanzo beans

They are the type of legume with round shape and various colors. Nutritional facts per 100g are 364 calories, 6g fat, 24mg sodium, 875mg potassium, 61g carbs, 17g fiber, 11g sugar, 10% calcium, 28% magnesium, 34% iron, 6% vitamin C, 1% vitamin A and 25% vitamin B-6. Garbanzo beans regulate appetite, manage weight, manage blood sugar, promotes healthy digestion, boost heart health, reduce cancer risk, and source of protein.


Use them to substitute mushrooms in dry recipes. Take fresh beans, rinse, place the pot on fire, cover the pot, let it boil for 3 minutes, and let it simmer for at least 2 hours.

2. Russet potatoes

The russet potato is large and dark brown in appearance. They are perfect for baking, French fries, and mashing. Nutrition facts per 100g are 134 calories, 29.6g carbs, 3.2g fiber, 1.5g sugars, and 3.6g proteins. The presence of vitamin C serves as an antioxidant hence prevents damage of cells. Also, it promotes healthy digestion, blood pressure, heart health, and prevents cancer. Vitamin B-6 helps to maintain the nervous system and brain functioning. Carbohydrates help to maintain healthy levels of glucose. Moreover, potatoes restore electrolyte balance, cure a common cold, and help patients with arthritis. However, potatoes result in insulin and blood sugar to surge. This will make you feel hungry and overeat. A sudden rise in blood sugar leads to an increase in insulin production. I would not recommend russet potatoes for the diabetic.


They have high starch hence best in baked and fried recipes. However not perfect for mushrooms sauces and soups because they can result to sogginess. Use russet potatoes in dry dishes.

3. Eggplant

Eggplant is a plant species of family Solanaceae. Cut eggplant into tender slices and serve on recipes requiring mushrooms. Nutrition facts per 100g are 25 calories, 0.2g fat, 2mg sodium, 229mg potassium, 6g carbs, 3g fiber, 3.5g sugar, 1g protein, 3% vitamin C, 1% iron, 3% magnesium, and 5% vitamin B-6. Potassium, vitamins, and antioxidants support health. Fiber helps to lower cholesterol levels and polyphenols protect us from getting cancer. Besides, it helps to destroy free radicles, manage weight, and promote eye health. They can be used as toppings, burger garnish, and side dishes.


Eggplant is a common ingredient in kitchen. Used as a recipe or main dish for vegans. They have a sweet taste that can replace mushroom base or toppings. Eggplant have similar sensitive and soft texture like mushrooms.

4. Sun-dried tomatoes

These are tomatoes that lose most water content through sun drying. The processing is economical but needs a certain range of temperatures. Nutrition facts per 100g are 213 calories, 14g fat, 266mg sodium, 1,565mg potassium,23g total carbs, 6g fiber, 5g protein, 25% vitamin A, 169% vitamin C, 4% calcium, 15% iron, 20% magnesium, and 15% vitamin B-6. Whether you buy on to make homemade, sun-dried tomatoes have numerous health benefits. These include antioxidants that damage-free radicles resulting in heart diseases, cancer, and arthritis. Calcium and phosphorus strengthen bones and magnesium create a matrix supporting other minerals. Calcium and magnesium help to regulate blood pressure through relaxing and contracting walls of blood vessels.


Sun-dried tomatoes are replacement for mushrooms. It produces an earthly flavor during the drying process. Enhance the flavor by adding parsley, herbs and other spices.

5. Zucchini

Zucchini also called courgette is a thick skin summer squash. It is light or dark green other related hybrids are orange or yellow. It is cooked or serves as a savory meal. If used as food, they are picked while immature before the seeds develop. Cooking techniques are baking, fried, steamed, stuffed, grilled, broiled, or barbecued. Nutrition facts per 100g are 17 calories, 71KJ energy, 261mg potassium, 200mg provitamin A and 24mg folate. Courgettes are rich in antioxidants, reduce blood sugar, improve heart health, strengthen vision, promote weight loss, strengthen bones, and help thyroid function.


Zucchini can give same taste like the one produced by mushrooms. Immature zucchini gives a moderate taste. Use it in pasta dishes and savory dishes that need mushroom. Grate or chop to small pieces. Little cooking with olive oil or butter with enhance flavor. They can be shaped to noodle spirals and replace noodles or pasta.

6. Soy sauce and tofu

Nutrition value of soy sauce per 100g is 53 calories, 0.6g fat, 435mg potassium, 4.9g carbs, 5,493mg sodium, 8% iron, 18% magnesium, and 3% calcium. Soy sauce facilitates sleep, improves mood, improves heart health, lowers cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, and contains antioxidants.


Combine the two ingredients to make something similar like mushroom soup. Add the mixture into carrots, sautéed onions, root veggies and leeks.

7. Tofu

This is food made from condensed soy milk and pressed to solid blocks. Nutrition amount per 100g are 8g proteins, 2g carbs, 4g fat,1g fiber,20% calcium, 12% phosphorus, 11% copper, 9% magnesium,9% iron,6% zinc and 14% selenium. Tofu reduces the risk of heart diseases, reduces cancer risk, diabetes, brain function, weight loss, and bone health.


Tofu is the best alternative when you do not have mushrooms. Chop and put in soy sauce to get earthly taste of mushrooms. Also, you can use it in stews, and soups.

8. Tempeh

Nutrition value per 100g are 193 calories, 11g fat, 9mg sodium, 19g protein,20% magnesium, 15% iron, and 11% calcium. Tempeh heals wound, strengthens bones, and supports the nervous system.


Tempeh has similar appearance like nutty nougat but different taste. It has same flavor like mushrooms. They are created through soaking soy beans and slightly cooked. The beans are then submerged in mold to give Tempeh. Do not use if your body is allergic to molds.

Summary Table

Item Calories (per 100g) Total Fats (g) Carbohydrates (g) Proteins (g) Source Works Best In
Garbanzo Beans 164 2.6 27.4 8.9 Legume Hummus, salads, stews
Russet Potatoes 79 0.1 17.5 2 Root vegetable Mashed, fries, baked
Eggplant 25 0.2 5.7 1 Vegetable Grilled, roasted, dips
Sun-Dried Tomatoes 258 2.6 54.4 14.1 Fruit Pasta, salads, sauces
Zucchini 17 0.3 3.1 1.2 Vegetable Sauteed, grilled, breaded
Soy Sauce and Tofu Approx. 60 0.6 6.5 10 Soy Stir-fries, Asian dishes
Tofu Approx. 144 8.1 2.7 15.3 Soy Stir-fries, curries, scrambles
Tempeh 193 11 9.4 18.5 Soy Sandwiches, salads, stews


What can I use instead of mushrooms?

If you want to replace mushrooms, you can use other vegetables like zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, or even tofu, depending on the recipe. These alternatives can provide different textures and flavors to your dishes.

How to get mushroom flavor without mushrooms?

To mimic mushroom flavor without using mushrooms, you can use ingredients like umami-rich sauces (soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce), nutritional yeast, or mushroom broth. These options can help add depth and earthy flavors to your dishes.

Which vegetable is equal to a mushroom?

While no vegetable is the same as mushrooms in terms of flavor and texture, portobello mushrooms have a meaty texture that can sometimes be reminiscent of certain meats. However, each vegetable has its unique characteristics.

What can I use instead of mushrooms in stroganoff?

You can use diced zucchini, bell peppers, or even chunks of seitan or tofu as alternatives to mushrooms in stroganoff. These alternatives can provide a similar substance and absorb the flavorful sauce.

Ji Eun Kim

Written by Ji Eun Kim

Don't listen to anyone who says you can't be vegan and do well in sports and fitness. Vegans can do great, look good, and feel awesome!

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