Substitute for primer

Substitute for primer
Substitute for primer

Everyone wants a product that can hold their makeup throughout the day. Primer has been ranked the best for both dry and oily skin. Nonetheless, not everyone can get the product near the local store. Primer is an important makeup used to achieve a smooth base. It helps to hide imperfections from people as it brings an amazing look. There are many options to use as a replacement when you run out of primer. Here are the most ranked alternatives.


1. BB and CC creams

BB and CC creams are products that cover spots or acne-like concealer. The creams come with other benefits. For this reason, the make perfect alternative since they smoothen skin hides discoloration as well act as a sunscreen or moisturizer.


Research what brand is best for you because some tend to be thicker than others. This can result to clogging of pores from their intense density. You can mix with foundation prior to use or just choose a powdered foundation.

2. Coconut oil

The oil can be used for many things including substituting with a face primer. Coconut oil is great for the skin and gives a natural glow. However, it may tend to be sensitive to other skin and close pores hence bring acne. Therefore, it is good to know your type of skin.


You can mix the oil with your foundation to great results.

3. Milk of magnesia

This is a laxative product that will make your makeup last throughout the day. It does well with oily skin as it tightens air pores and removes grease for a great look.


It comes at an affordable price just like primer.

4. Nivea after-shave balm

Rub it gently on your face before applying your foundation. Even though it is not the best, it does well on the skin. Get the product at $6 only.


It works well as primer and it comes at affordable price. Nevertheless, it has scent like men products and also reacts on sensitive skin. Most people claim that it works well on dry skin. It moisturizes and soothes irritating spots.

5. Lacto calamine lotion

Most people use it on the skin as a daily lotion. Also, it does well as a primer. The product comes in various types and you can choose the one that goes with your skin. People prefer the one made for oily skin. Moreover, it serves as a sunscreen and hides imperfections from your face.


Replace primer with lacto calamine lotion by rubbing it inside the skin. The results will be seen immediately.

6. Aloe Vera gel and moisturizer

Both products will give you a fresh and healthy look. You will also be protected from sun rays.


You can mix aloe Vera gel with moisturizer to get amazing results like primer. Aloe Vera is meant to lower inflammation and acne. On the other hand, moisturizer acts as a hydrating and protective barrier.

7. Greece-free sunscreen

This grease-free sunscreen helps to protect the skin while maintaining a natural appeal. It does not leave spots on the face but gives a matte finish. Additionally, it protects your skin from sun rays and built a moisturizer.


Most women struggle to protect their skin while applying makeup. Greese-free sunscreen will help you to win the game.

8. Deodorant

Substitute primer with deodorant if you have a problem with a shiny face. Use the one with natural ingredients that will not affect your skin.


Some deodorant are created from metals hence can bring irritation.

9. Rub an ice cube

The ice cube will help you not to sweat during summer. It will keep your skin naturally from spots.


Rub your face every morning with ice cube.

10. Anti-chafing cream

This product found on drugstore and loved with makeup gurus. It takes 60 seconds to dry and have smaller pores.


People claim that their makeup last longer after using the product.


Can I use moisturizer instead of primer?

Yes, you can use moisturizer as a substitute for primer, especially if you want to create a smooth base for makeup application. However, remember that primers are specifically designed to help makeup adhere better and last longer, so while moisturizer can provide some hydration and help with the application, it might not offer the same extended makeup wear.

What is a good homemade primer?

Mixing aloe vera gel with a drop of your favorite facial oil can create a simple homemade primer. This combination can help create a smooth canvas for makeup application. However, remember that homemade primers might not provide the same benefits as commercially formulated ones.

Can you do your makeup without primer?

Yes, you can do your makeup without using a primer. While primers can help with makeup longevity and application, they are not essential. You can achieve a good makeup look by focusing on proper skincare, using a well-matched foundation, and setting your makeup with a setting spray or powder.

Is it OK if I don’t use a primer?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine if you choose not to use a primer. Makeup primers can enhance the performance of your makeup, but they are not necessary for every makeup look. Many people achieve great results without using a primer.

What can be used instead of primer?

If you don’t have a primer, use moisturizer, sunscreen, or even a light BB cream as a base before applying makeup. These products can help create a smooth surface for makeup application. Additionally, using a makeup setting spray after applying your makeup can help improve its longevity.


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