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Substitute for Meringue Powder

The most convenient way to add meringue to your recipes is to use the meringue powder. Using meringue powder is also safer as compared to using the egg white. However, meringue powder is a new invention and there is still not enough information about the product. Meringue powder was invented to take a huge place in the baking. This powder consists mainly of egg whites which have been dehydrated and can be accompanied by cornstarch, sugar, and other ingredients. Meringue powder is marketed as an egg white substitute and is used in recipes that require egg whites which have been beaten to stiff peaks. Some of the perfect substitutes for the meringue powder include the following.


1. Egg Whites

Egg whites contain flavor as compared to meringue powder. In addition to that, egg whites have been used for the longest time before the invention of the meringue powder. This makes it the perfect substitute and you are guaranteed that it will work well for your recipe. Furthermore, egg whites are also used to make slightly better end products. If you choose to use egg white, you are required to remove the white from a whole egg or incorporate pasteurized egg whites. Using pasteurized egg white is advisable as compared to removing the egg white from the whole egg. This is because removing egg white from a whole egg involves a lot of waste unless you are planning on using the yolk too.

2. Egg white powder

The egg white powder provides the egg white part of the meringue powder. Most of the time, egg whites powder is sold as dried egg whites. There is a big difference between egg white powder and meringue powder. Egg white powder is formulated to replace egg whites specifically, whereas meringue powder is used to replace all the ingredients in the meringue. The main example of meringue is cornstarch. Moreover, egg white powder has the ability to provide everything that you may need from a meringue powder. Egg white powder is also very easy to use and it is used in the same way that you use meringue powder.

3. Aquafaba

This is the term used to refer to the liquid in which legumes are cooked. This is another meringue powder substitute that omits eggs altogether. In addition to that, you can also make your own aquafaba from home, and the main thing that we are required to do is to whip these ingredients to form a stiff foam that looks exactly like egg whites. Aquafaba is also a perfect vegan substitute.

4. Other Alternatives

There are also other alternatives that work best in place of the meringue powder. Among the many uses, these alternatives can be whipped and chilled to stiff peaks, just as the egg white. This means that the alternatives can be used in place of egg whites when making the meringue powder.


Meringue powder and egg whites perform almost the same function. However, most people still prefer using egg whites because they are readily available and we have adequate information on them as compared to meringue powder.

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