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Can you substitute butter for oil in brownies

This is a question that is frequently asked by cooks. It may look a little off to see brownie calling for oil. But Butter is an ideal substitute for oil in brownies. For this reason, some brownie calls for vegetable oil. There is a controversy between oil and butter and health experts choose oil. Both have a similar amount of calories. The two have different fats that affect the body. Fats can increase blood cholesterol that raises the chances of contracting heart diseases.



  • Use the same replacement ration of one cup of butter for a three-quarter cup of oil.
  • You can check to the package of brownie to follow instructions on the amount needed.
  • Soften butter before combining with ingredients like sugar to blend well
  • Take the butter from the fridge; place it at room temperature for one hour to soften
  • You can divide into tiny cubes for the butter to soften fast
  • Set oven timer for two minutes longer

Oils including olive oil and canola oil are a good source of fat which does not affect your heart health. Even though butter is not healthy, it comes with several advantages. When your recipe calls for baking, butter is the best option and cannot beat up. It creates and maintains texture during cooking. Nevertheless, the American heart association claims that fats and oil can be used similarly. Therefore, if a recipe calls for butter you can use oil and vice versa.

Oil Vs Butter

One of the frequently asked questions is whether the replacement will bring the same taste and texture. Brownies are treats that bring desires hence it is good to know health differences. Butter can be the convenient-for instance, let us imagine you have a lot of butter in the refrigerator while the canola oil is not enough. Another example, maybe you love the taste of butter and you just want to precede your recipe.

Betty Croker makes a lot of brownie mixes in the market today. The team suggests that the replacement will work well especially when the same amount is used. Bob’s red mill suggests that the two ingredients can sometimes not be interchangeable. This depends on the purpose it has to create in a recipe. Butter becomes solid at room temperature and has many tiny air bubbles. The bubble helps the butter to stay in shape. It melts and spread when heated at high temperatures. Bakes dishes can get a nice texture. Conversely, oil vaporizes after being heat.

Recipes like cookies need butter to be creamed with sugar. You will have a hard time to cream the oil. Butter is not the way to go in other cases. Oil can be better for other recipes. The secret of having a moist cake is through using oil instead of butter. You can choose applesauce if you need a replacement for oil in muffins. For example, banana berry muffins do better with vegetable oil. Apple oatmeal muffins can use a mixture of applesauce to substitute vegetable oil. Other situations do not need fat at all.


In most cases, getting the perfect substitute in brownies and any baking recipe is a matter of experimentation and taste. You will get many things that work better beyond your expectations. Try substituting butter for oil and see amazing results in your brownies. It brings a rich and creamy flavor without misgivings.

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