Substitutes for Celery Salt

Substitutes for Celery Salt
Substitutes for Celery Salt

Celery Salt is a unique spice that you can use to prepare savoury dishes and some cocktails. It is made using two key ingredients, i.e. dry ground celery seeds mixed with finely ground salt. Although Substitutes for celery salt are easy to find and quite common, it is tough to copy the flavour entirely.

Celery seeds are trendy because they offer numerous health benefits. For example, they can improve your blood sugar levels, help in the formation of red blood cells, strengthen your immune system and support bone health. Some of the essential nutrients that you can find in celery seeds include Proteins, Fat, Fiber, Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium, and Zinc.

The best substitutes for celery salt are:


1. Dill salt

Dill and celery seeds share the same Aroma and flavour characteristics. Although they do not appear alike, you can still use dill seeds to prepare dishes as a substitute for celery seeds. Dill seeds are brown fruits from the dill weed which belongs in the same family with celery. Note that its flavour is much stronger than celery hence advisable to use half the amount. Using equal amounts may overpower the dish since it has a much more pungent aroma. To make dill salt, you can mix powder from pre-ground dill seed with plain salt in a ratio of 2:1. It is an adequate substitute in many dishes that are prepared using celery such as salad dressings, barbecue rubs, stews, vegetables, and potato salads.

Dill is not only used to prepare culinary dishes but for health benefits too. For example,

Loss of appetite
Sleep disorders
Fever and colds
Renal Colic

These and many more diseases, however, you should note that there is no enough evidence available to show its effectiveness. Dill is pack with versatile nutrients such as Vitamin A that will boost your vision. Secondly, Vitamin C will boost your immunity significantly. Also, it is a good source for calcium, manganese, and fiber.


Dill is highly nutritious, making it the best substitute for celery salt. Also, they belong in the same plant family, which makes both the aroma and flavour similar. Excitingly they are prepared in the same way, i.e. in powder form, dry and the ratio of 2:1.

2. Caraway salt

Caraway salt is another spice that possesses similar flavour with the celery salt. Additionally, it belongs to the same family of plants with dill, celery and other popular spices such as anise, fennel, and cumin. Caraway seeds are dark brown with a crescent shape and some stripes on its surface. To get caraway salt, you will need to crush the seeds into a fine powder and combine it with fine salt. This combination is right for bread and meat seasoning as well as cookies, salads, veggies, sauces, and soups.

The medicinal value of this spice is similar to that of dill, anise, and fennel because they are related. Mostly it is used to flavour medicines for children and also by mothers to stimulate milk production. Other health benefits include;

Heart health

Weight loss


Cures digestive disorders

Eases Menstrual cramp

Dominant nutritional values in caraway include calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, vitamin A, B, and C.


Caraway salt is an excellent substitute of celery salt because of the similarities of the taste. Also, it has excellent nutritional value and so many health benefits. They are both prepared following the same procedure. I.e. grinding dry caraway seed to a fine powder and combining it with finely ground salt. The ratio remains 2:1. (Caraway powder: Plain salt).

3. Lovage

The fresh leaves of lovage have a celery-like aroma and a musky taste with lemon. It belongs to the parsley family. All parts (roots, leaves and its seeds) are common in Europe for medicinal purposes and flavouring foods and beverages. Romans are among the first to use this plant to treat stomach illness and reducing fevers. Dried leaves, seeds and roots can be crushed and utilized wherever in place for celery. It has more aroma when dry, but you can use the fresh leaves for the flavour as well. Typically lovage seeds, are sprinkled on dishes, salad, and bread dough. To create a seasoning, you need to crush the seeds into a fine powder and mix it with sea salt. The mixture can be used suitably as a substitute for celery salt.

Other health benefits of lovage include treating menstrual irregularities and poor circulation as well as skin problems and water retention.


Lovage makes a great substitute because it has a similar aroma, and it is easy to grow. Additionally, it has good nutritional value and multiple health benefits. You can use all parts of this plant as an alternative for celery, whether fresh or dry. However, to create a good seasoning, use crushed dry seeds because they have a stronger aroma and you will use it for long.

4. Nigella Sativa

Nigella seeds are flavorful, and they possess a pungent aroma. Although they are different in appearance and plant family, nigella seeds have a flavour that relates to celery. These seeds are famous for making Indian dishes. Indian grocery stores are the place to find them easily. Since nigella seeds are similar to celery in terms of pungency, you can use the same ratio to prepare your seasoning. Nigella commonly substitutes when making pickles, sauces, and soups. Use the same proportion as celery when preparing your dish.

They have quite an impressive health benefits. For example:

Packed antioxidants
May alleviate inflammation
Could help protect the liver
They can prevent stomach ulcers


You can crush Nigella seeds and use them as an alternative for celery because they have a similar flavour. Although they come from very different plant families, nigella seeds will serve you well plus it is very nutritious.

Other alternatives

If you do not have any of the above spices, then try any of these suitable alternatives.

1. Celery flakes – These are dried stalks and leaves from the celery plant. First, you have to moist them and then crumble them into flakes. Since the whole plant has the same flavour, the chips are good enough compared to the fresh leaves and stalks of celery. Use a small portion or crush the flakes and mix with plain salt to come up with the best seasoning.

2. Garlic salt – I have used this combination personally to make some flatbreads. Although they are entirely different flavours, it works just as perfect. So do not give up when the recipe says one teaspoon of celery salt. Just spread it on the bread dough by using ½ teaspoon of ground garlic and ½ teaspoon of table salt.

Facts Summary Table

Substitute Flavor Profile Texture Best Used In Source
Dill Salt Savory, herby, slightly tangy Granulated, coarse Salads, fish, vegetables Blend of dried dill and salt
Caraway Salt Earthy, slightly bitter, aromatic Granulated, coarse Rye bread, sauerkraut, meat dishes Blend of dried caraway seeds and salt
Lovage Intensely herbal, celery-like Fresh leaves or dried flakes Soups, stews, salads Perennial plant
Nigella Sativa Earthy, nutty, slightly bitter Small black seeds Flatbreads, curries, pickles Seeds of Nigella Sativa plant


What seasoning is like celery salt?

A seasoning that is similar to celery salt is celery seed. It has a similar flavor but doesn’t contain the salt component.

What spice tastes like celery?

Celery seed tastes like celery and is often used to provide a similar flavor in recipes.

Is celery salt the same as sea salt?

No, celery salt is not the same as sea salt. Celery salt is a mixture of ground celery seed and salt, while sea salt is a type of salt sourced from the sea and doesn’t contain celery flavor.

Can I use garlic salt instead of celery salt?

You can use garlic salt as a substitute for celery salt, but keep in mind that garlic salt has a garlic flavor in addition to saltiness, which might alter the overall taste of your dish.

The Bottom Line

Dill, lovage, and caraway salts are the best alternatives because they are closely related to celery. They come from the same plant family, making both aroma and flavour very similar. However, you can use other alternatives such as widely available garlic. All these alternatives have a high nutritional value, and they make a tasty seasoning for salad dressings, steak, cocktails, and even meatloaf.

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