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Have you ever attempted to shave your beards without shaving cream? If you’ve tried it before, then I’m sure that your experience was not a good one. Dry shaving is very dangerous. When shaving your face or any other body part, it’s best to use shaving cream. Dry shaving leaves nicks and cuts on the skin. But what will you do if you run out of shaving cream? You have to consider substitutes that are as good as the shaving cream. Below are the details of items you can use as substitutes for shaving cream

1. Baby Oil:

Baby oil is the best alternative for shaving cream. It is smooth, non-sticky, and slides on the skin, leaving it moisturized and easy for the blade to slide over the skin. More so, it leaves very little chances of cuts and nicks.


If your shaving cream is not handy, then you can use the baby oil. It is a great moisturizer.

2. Lotion:

The lotion is a very good substitute for shaving cream. Its texture is almost like a cream. It smoothes and moisturizes the skin, and hence no trace of dryness remains. On the whole, it gives a smooth and good shave.


You can use lotion in place of shaving cream. It has virtually the same texture as shaving cream, and it leaves no dryness.

3. Soap:

Every household has soap handy at all times. But before using it as a replacement for hair cream, you should leather it and then apply it to your face or any other body part. The soap, when dry makes the skin drier, and it causes irritation and makes you scratch it. It is good but shouldn’t be used frequently.


When considering other options to use in lieu of shaving cream, you can lay hands on your soap. Soap is a great alternative but can cause scratching.

4. Glycerine :

Glycerine is a sticky liquid and is very good for our skin. It provides the moisture our skin lacks, and hence if you use it instead of shaving cream, it will provide a smooth shave. Due to its sticky nature, it can also clog the razor and your skin, so it should only be used in emergencies.


Glycerine is a great alternative for shaving cream, especially in emergencies. It is a good moisturizer and enhances a clean shave. However, you should not use it regularly as it might clog the razor.

5. Hair Conditioner:

It has an almost shaving foam-like texture. It is mainly used to soften the hair, so using it to soften body hair before shaving is a good idea and might be a better replacement for the shaving cream.


Hair conditioner has a foam-like texture, so go ahead and use it as a substitute for your shaving cream.

6. Shampoo:

It can be very beneficial as it creates leather-like shaving foam. It allows the razor to easily glide on the skin; however, it can block the razor blades, and you may have to wash it again and again.


The shampoo is an excellent substitute for shaving cream, and it allows the razor to glide with ease.

7. Oils:

Different oils are very good for the skin. They provide nourishment and smoothness to the skin. Coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil can be a very good substitute for shaving creams. They provide a beautiful texture to the skin and prevent cuts.


You can use various types of oil when you run out of shaving cream. Oils nourish and protect the skin.

8. Almond paste:

Take some almonds and crush them; they will form a paste and can be a perfect substitute for shaving cream. It can provide a perfect platform for shaving. It also helps improve the complexion of the skin.


Wish to try another alternative for shaving cream? Almond paste is a perfect substitute for shaving cream, and it can boost the skin complexion.

9. Shea Butter:

Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer. It provides close-shaving than shaving creams. Due to its moisturizing qualities, the shave becomes less-painful. The added advantage is that there is no need for users to apply lotions or body butter after the shave.


Shea butter is a great alternative for shaving cream. It gives room for a close and less-painful shave.

10. Raw Honey:

If you have raw honey in your home, it can function as a substitute for shaving cream as it sticks to the skin and makes it easy to shave. However, it is of a sticky nature and can be difficult to wash afterward. Moreover, it can block the razor, and you have to clean it after every stroke.


Raw honey is an efficient substitute for shaving cream as it gives room for a clean and easy shave. However, the sticky nature makes it difficult to wash.

11. Peanut Butter:

It is an odd thought to take things that you eat in the washroom. However, if you are left with no alternative, you may have to go for peanut butter. I wouldn’t recommend it as it makes the skin dry and patchy, and it’s very messy. Anyhow if you have to use it, use the one without chunks.


Peanut can function as the hope of last resort in a situation where you run out of shaving cream. However, it can cause dry and patchy skin.

12. Aloe Vera:

Both kinds of aloe vera can be used for the purpose of shaving. Fresh from the plant or bottled ready-made kind are both perfect. Aloe vera is a very good alternative as it also prevents cuts and nicks. If in case you get cut, then the healing properties of Aloe vera will soothe your pains.


Aloe vera functions as a good alternative for shaving cream. Its healing abilities provides an additional advantage in cases where you get cut.

13. Dishwashing liquid:

Dishwashing liquid can be used instead of shaving stuff, but I wouldn’t recommend it much as it is specifically designed for grease and stains. More so, it is full of harsh chemicals, and our body and face can not bear much harsh stuff.


In the absence of other options, you can consider dishwashing liquid as a substitute for shaving cream. It is not recommended for regular use because of its greasy nature.


How do you wet shave without shaving cream?

You can wet shave without shaving cream by using alternatives like soap, body wash, hair conditioner, or even plain water. These substances can provide lubrication and help the razor glide smoothly over your skin.

What is the best thing to shave with?

The best thing to shave with depends on your skin type and personal preference. Shaving cream, gel, or foam designed for shaving are commonly used because they provide a smooth surface, hydration, and protection against irritation.

What has the same consistency as shaving cream?

Shaving gel and shaving foam have similar consistency to shaving cream. They all provide lubrication and a protective barrier between the razor and your skin.

Can I use Vaseline instead of shaving gel?

While Vaseline can provide lubrication, it might not be the ideal substitute for shaving gel. Shaving gels often contain ingredients that are specifically formulated to soften hair and provide a smoother shave. Vaseline might not offer the same benefits and could potentially clog the razor. It’s better to use products specifically designed for shaving.

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