Substitutes for Eggs in Meatballs

Substitutes for Eggs in Meatballs
Substitutes for Eggs in Meatballs

Meatballs rely on the use of binding agents to hold the mincemeat together to prevent them from separating. Eggs are the best binders that are used commonly in cooking meatballs. However, some people have concerns about the health and sustainability eggs are in terms of the meal’s end-cost. For these reasons, some people have experimented with the best binders that will be nice for meatballs, and this is their feedback. You can use breadcrumbs and milk. Also, another substitute is c5rushed onions. Whichever method you use, you will get great results. Here is a discussion on the same.

Egg alternatives

1. Whole milk ricotta

You can use cheese in your recipe. Ricotta or feta cheeses are some of the best alternatives. Feta cheese is a Greek cheese made from goat milk. It is salty and tangy. These properties are equally the same as the ricotta. However, this one is not made from a goat’s milk, and its preservation does not entail salting. This means if you are a salty person, then feta will work for you. However, if you are not a salt lover, then use ricotta instead. It is also worth noting that feat has a distinct smell. You might want to check it out first.

2. Breadcrumbs with milk

You can make a fancy replacement for eggs by using cubed bread. The breadcrumbs should be soaked in milk. Stir this with the meatball to create a mixture. Breadcrumbs and milk are widely used as the cheaper version of the eggs in meatballs. Many people use it, and the reports are overwhelmingly positive.

3. Mashed potatoes

Some people prefer mashed potatoes to eggs since they are healthy for consumption. Also, you can enhance the flavour when you use Yukon potatoes and butter in your recipe.

4. Tomato paste

This can be such a healthy diet. However, it is commonly used for Italian dishes with meatballs. And you can use it if you are serving your dishes with tomato paste. A tomato paste has vinegar that gives it its taste. Also, there is glucose and ultimately has sufficient moisture to yield a quality meatball outcome.

5. Oats

Rolled oats or oatmeal can be a good alternative for your meatball recipe. Note that this recipe does not have the same kind of moisture as the eggs do or taste, that is why you are likely to have a drier outcome than normal. Also, the flavor of the meatballs is likely to be altered so that it will have the taste of the earth.

6. Processed onion

Some people use onion which they process it using a food processor. They then mush it and add seasoning to it. The resultant agent has moisture and binding that will be great for your meatballs. Furthermore, it has a rich flavor from the seasoning.

Summary Table

Item Calories (per 100g) Total Fats (g) Carbohydrates (g) Proteins (g) Source Works Best In
Whole Milk Ricotta 174 10.1 5.3 14.5 Dairy product from whey Pasta, desserts, dips
Breadcrumbs with Milk 251 7.3 41.6 7.7 Bread soaked in milk Breading, meatballs, stuffing
Mashed Potatoes 83 0.2 18.3 2.0 Boiled and mashed potatoes Side dish, fillings
Tomato Paste 82 0.2 18.9 4.3 Concentrated tomato product Sauces, stews, soups
Oats 389 6.9 66.3 16.9 Whole-grain cereal Porridge, baking
Processed Onion 31 0.2 7.1 1.2 Prepared onion product Flavoring, cooking


What can I use as a binding agent for meatballs?

Common binding agents for meatballs include eggs, breadcrumbs, and soaked bread. These ingredients help hold the meat mixture together and prevent the meatballs from falling apart during cooking.

Are eggs important in meatballs?

Eggs are often used in meatball recipes as a binding agent. They help bind the meat and other ingredients, producing a cohesive mixture that holds its shape during cooking. Eggs also add moisture and contribute to the texture of the meatballs.

What can you use instead of egg to bind breadcrumbs?

If you’re looking for an egg substitute to bind breadcrumbs, you can use ingredients like milk, yogurt, buttermilk, tomato sauce, or mashed potatoes. These options can help achieve a similar binding effect as eggs. Remember that the specific ingredient you choose might impact the flavor and texture of your meatballs.

The bottom line

Another secret is the use of the right meat. Those made with high-fat content will do great. Also, you can bake the meatballs instead of frying them to prevent them from falli9ng apart.

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