Substitute for mustard powder

Substitute for mustard powder
Substitute for mustard powder

Mustard powder is extracted from dry mustard seeds which are grounded to make the spice. It has a pungent smell, and it gives your dish a mild heat and tanginess. Also, the mustard powder is acidic. Therefore, it is believed to cut through the fats with price sharpness leaving your dish cholesterol-free. Now, there is always the concern of if not dried mustard, then what do you use? Find out more in this post.

1. Turmeric

This spice has a sharp yellow color which seems to dominate the dish when used. However, if you do not mind its presence, you would definitely like it in place for mustard powder. With turmeric, you can use the exact amount of it as mustard powder. They have the same notes of bitterness and tanginess. As much as it does not capture the same savory taste, their similarity is quite striking, and it would be an exciting addition in the absence of mustard.

2. Horseradish powder

The powder for horseradish powder is extracted from the roots of the plant in the same class as mustard. This is what makes this spice a close replacement for mustard. However, this spice can only be used in special conditions. When heated, horseradish loses its spiciness. At this point, it only exhibits bitterness, which will not be such an excellent addition to your dish. Also, you should not use the grated version of this spice. When grated, horseradish loses its pungency, therefore, will not come close to mustard powder.

Meanwhile, it is a good alternative when used within its limits. That is, you should use it while cold and ground, not grated. In these conditions, horseradish smells and tastes like mustard powder. One last point to note – mustard is bitter compared to mustard. Therefore, the ratio of substitution should be half of the amount of mustard you use.

3. Prepared mustard

Prepared mustard is made using vinegar and mustard. Obviously, there is a mustard ingredient, which means it can be used as a mustard powder alternative. With prepared mustard, the only thing you will be worried about is how to adjust the substitution amount since it is milder than the mustard powder. Also, there are different versions of prepared mustard. There is the Dijon mustard, which is poised to give better results than the ordinary yellow prepared mustard. With this one, you are cautioned on reducing the number of liquids in your dishes as it prevents the consistency of the sauces and dressings.

4. Mustard seeds

You can use whole mustard seeds in your recipes by first crushing those using grinders such as coffee or spice grinders. You can also do it manually used objects in your kitchen like a heavy spoon. Since powdered mustard is prepared using these seeds, you trust that you will get the same taste and smell. However, they are more concentrated and should be used in half ratios with the powder.

Summary Table

Substitute Flavor Profile Texture Best Used In Source
Turmeric Mild, Earthy, Slightly Bitter Ground Powder Curries, Rice, Soups Ground Turmeric Spice
Horseradish Powder Strong, Pungent, Spicy Ground Powder Sauces, Marinades, Dressings Ground Horseradish Root
Prepared Mustard Tangy, Spicy, Vinegary Paste Sandwiches, Dressings, Dips Commercial Mustard Products
Mustard Seeds Pungent, Nutty, Spicy Whole Seeds or Ground Pickling, Indian Cuisine Whole Mustard Seeds


Can you substitute mustard for dry mustard powder?

Yes, you can substitute prepared mustard (the condiment) for dry mustard powder, but keep in mind that they have different levels of concentration and flavors. Adjust the quantity based on the recipe’s requirements.

What does dry mustard do for a recipe?

The dry mustard powder adds a savory, slightly spicy flavor to dishes. It also acts as a flavor enhancer and can contribute to the overall complexity of the dish.

Can I use cumin instead of mustard powder?

Cumin has a distinct earthy and warm flavor, quite different from mustard powder’s sharp and spicy taste. While they are not direct substitutes, you could experiment with cumin for a unique twist, but the dish’s flavor profile will change.

How to make mustard powder?

You can make mustard powder by grinding dried mustard seeds into a fine powder using a spice grinder or mortar and pestle. The powder can be used in various recipes to add flavor and a hint of heat.

The bottom line

Are you looking for the best bet for a mustard powder? Mustard seeds will do the trick, as well as others like horseradish spice.

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