Substitute for goat cheese

Substitute for goat cheese
Substitute for goat cheese

Goat cheese is also referred to as Chevre in French. Just like the name portrays, this cheese is made from goat’s milk. On top of that, into two, i.e. soft fresh and hard aged cheese. Both goat and cow’s milk share similar characteristics, however, the goat’s milk has more fatty acids like capric acid.

These fatty acids contribute a big portion to the goat’s cheese tart flavor. This flavor is what most of you are looking for in the alternatives. By the way, goat cheese is the oldest in the world. Its made following a process known as heat/ acid coagulation.

Goat cheese can be spread on toast, crumbled onto fresh greens, ore used on sliced apples, pizza, soups or omelet. It has many advantages and health benefits over other cheeses. For example, it can be digested easily and it also contains probiotics.

1. Cream cheese

This the easiest substitute for goat cheese that you can find. You can use it as an alternative for all goat cheese recipes. On top of that, the cream cheese has enough creaminess just like the goat cheese. But since it has high amounts of fat you should try using fewer amounts for your recipe. Cream cheese can be used in many recipes such as making a delicious sandwich.

It has most of the contents that are present in goat cheese. For example protein, fats, calories, Vitamin A and Riboflavin. Cream cheese also has a lot of health benefits such as supplying antioxidants, probiotic effects, and a good source of vitamin A.


Cream cheese is a great substitute for goat choice in terms of creaminess and nutritional value. Besides, it’s easier to find in the shops and supermarkets.

2. Mascarpone cheese

Just like cream cheese Mascarpone is a great alternative for goat cheese thanks to its creamy and smooth texture. The only downside is that it is sweeter hence making it have a different taste. You can use it to prepare, chicken, pasta, baking figs, deep filled asparagus, orange and almond cakes.

Apart from preparing all these dishes, Mascarpone is an ideal substitute because of its health benefits. It has all the nutrients that you can find in regular milk such as calcium and so on. Other nutrients that you are present in this cheese are zinc, phosphorus, riboflavin, and Vitamin A.


Mascarpone has a smooth texture and that’s why it makes a great substitute for goat cheese. Besides, it is rich with all the nutrients present in milk.

3. Bleu Cheese

Bleu cheese is creamier than goat cheese but it has a very nice and strong flavor. This feature is what makes it beloved by so many people. But if you don’t want something that is very creamy considers using less aged cheese instead. You can easily predict the texture considering the creaminess. But, you should be careful if you want to balance the taste because the flavor of aged cheese is stronger.

Just like the rest of the goat cheese alternatives, blue cheese has great nutritional value accompanied with many health benefits. Blue cheese is a powerhouse for vitamins and minerals, protein, calcium, and potassium. Some of its health benefits include heart health, fighting arthritis, enhancing memory, dental health, and boosting the immune system.


Bleu cheese is a great alternative for goat cheese because it has a strong flavor. Besides, you can choose to use aged blue cheese which is less creamy but with a very strong flavor.

4. Ricotta cheese

Ricotta is cheese made from sheep’s milk. So if you are looking for an alternative with less fat content then this might be the best for you. The best thing about Ricotta is that it has a similar flavor to goat cheese. The only downside is that Ricotta has a firm texture than goat cheese. But this can be used as an advantage to prepare dishes that require a firm texture cheese.

Ricotta cheese is packed with many vitamins and health benefits. For example, it contains proteins, carbs, fats, sodium, and calcium.


Ricotta has a similar flavor to that of goat cheese. It makes the best alternative for people looking for a substitute with low content value.

5. Fromage Blanc

Both the flavor and texture of Fromage Blanc is similar to that of goat cheese. The only problem with this substitute is that it’s hard to find. But if you happen to come across it in the shops or supermarkets it makes a very good alternative.

The goat cheese was originally produced in France the same as Fromage Blanc. If you are looking for a healthy substitute then this is the one that you should consider. It can be made from whole or skimmed milk.


Fromage blanc is one of the most health alternatives that you can consider. But the problem is that it’s not easily found.

6. Cotija cheese

Most people enjoy the strong salty flavor of Cotija cheese. The only problem is that the texture is very different from that of goat cheese. Cotija is the perfect alternative for those people looking for crumbly and solid cheese. You should consider using Cotija cheese in salads


7. Queso Fresco

Queso fresco is a popular cheese used mostly in Mexican dishes. It makes a good substitute for aged goat cheese because of the texture. Also, Queso fresco is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B12, zinc, and vitamin A.


The texture of Queso fresco makes it a great alternative for goat cheese.

8. Manchego cheese

Manchego cheese is a good substitute in terms of flavor. But the texture for Manchego is very unique since it’s not smooth or solid enough to substitute goat cheese. This substitute is highly nutritious. For example, it’s rich in fats that have soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K.

Manchego is widely used as a bread topping, crackers, added in pasta and potatoes. You can also use it as a substitute for the regular cheese. Itas also derived from goat cheese so all the health benefits are similar making it one of an ideal substitutes.


Manchego is derived from goat milk hence it tastes the same with goat cheese. The only problem is the texture because they are prepared differently.

Summary Table

Substitute Flavor Profile Texture Best Used In Source
Cream Cheese Mild, creamy Soft Dips, spreads, desserts Grocery stores
Mascarpone Cheese Rich, sweet Creamy, smooth Desserts, creamy dishes Grocery stores
Bleu Cheese Strong, tangy Crumbly Salads, dressings, dips Grocery stores
Ricotta Cheese Mild, slightly sweet Soft, grainy Pastas, desserts Grocery stores
Fromage Blanc Light, tangy Soft, creamy Recipes requiring creaminess Specialty stores
Cotija Cheese Salty, crumbly Crumbly Mexican dishes, salads Grocery stores
Queso Fresco Mild, fresh Crumbly Mexican dishes, salads Grocery stores
Manchego Cheese Nutty, tangy Firm Snacking, Spanish dishes Grocery stores


What is the same as goat cheese?

Goat cheese, also known as chèvre, is a type of cheese made from goat’s milk. It has a distinct tangy flavor and creamy texture. While there is no cheese exactly the same as goat cheese, some other soft and creamy cheeses like cream cheese or mascarpone might offer a similar texture.

What can I substitute for goat or feta cheese?

If you’re looking for a substitute for goat or feta cheese, you can use other crumbly cheeses like blue cheese or queso fresco. These cheeses might not have the same tangy flavor as goat or feta, but they can still add a creamy and savory element to dishes.

Is there a goat cheese similar to mozzarella?

Goat cheese and mozzarella are quite different in terms of flavor and texture. Goat cheese has a tangy and creamy taste, while mozzarella is milder and has a stretchy texture when melted. They are not typically used interchangeably.

Is feta cheese goat cheese?

Feta cheese is traditionally made from sheep’s milk or a combination of sheep’s and goat’s milk. While goat’s milk can be used in feta cheese, it is not the sole ingredient. Goat cheese, on the other hand, is made exclusively from goat’s milk and has a distinct flavor and texture.

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