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Substitute for Gochujang

Gochujang is a Korean paste that is used in the preparation of most dishes. It has a good and quality taste with a red color. Gochujang is highly nutritious as it contains fermented soybeans.

This ingredient is so important and widely used in Asia restaurants or eateries to prepare their stews, vegetable sauce and can also be used to eat meat. This spicy condiment, however, may not be present or available the time you need it more and it is essential to know its right substitutes in which I would give you the very best of them below.

1. Sriracha

Sriracha is a hot and chili sauce as it is known worldwide as one of the hottest sauces. It is a very good substitute for gochujang because of the pepper nature it has. Sriracha is a sweet recipe you can use to prepare any food of your choice.

Although, sriracha is not as thick as gochujang, but still, one of the best substitutes for the former. It is red and used in many restaurants and eateries in the world today.


Sriracha is a red hot sauce and a good substitute for gochujang. It offers the same properties in sweetness to blend in all kinds of foods.

2. Harissa

Harrisa is another good substitute for gochujang as it still has a hot and chili taste but not the same sweetness. This paste is made in North Africa is well renowned because it gives a nice and splendid aroma to meals it is prepared with.

It can be seen easily unlike gochujang that is difficult to see in most stores. Harissa contains a medium quantity of salt, chilled pepper, cumin seed, and olive oil.


Harissa is a nice paste and a reliable substitute for gochujang. Apart from the difference in taste, it has the same red hot pepper taste and is delicious for your meals.

3. Red pepper flake paste

Red pepper flake paste is a homemade recipe and can also be used as a substitute for gochujang. Its taste is different from that of gochujang but still offers the same sweetened taste to whatsoever it is used to cook.

Red pepper flake paste can be made with red pepper flake with sugar, soybean, and thick paste flavor. When fully made, it is nice and hot and would certainly give you what you want.


Red pepper flake paste is an interesting substitute for gochujang and gives your meals that same hot pepper taste.

4. Thai chili paste

Thai chili paste is a good and highly recommended substitute for gochujang. This paste is sweet but has much garlic as its content so not as sweet as gochujang. Thai chili paste can be used to prepare your dishes and make them sumptuous as it is still thick and red.

You can certainly use it for your stews, sauces and to prepare your steam your meat and fish.


Thai chi paste is super thick as gochujang and a good substitute for your cooking process. It is also red hot but contains more garlic.

5. Miso and chili recipe

Miso is a recipe that is almost similar in taste and thickness to gochujang which makes it a good substitute. It can be mixed with chili pepper to make it hot and give it a nice and sumptuous taste.

When fully prepared, it can b used to cook any kind of dish and make your meal super-hot and sweet.


Miso and chili recipe is one of the best substitutes for gochujang. It is home-made which makes it more interesting to get and use.

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