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Substitute for stewed tomatoes

Stewed tomatoes can also be called canned tomatoes and are made up of cooked tomatoes, garlic, and sometimes herbs. Stewed benefits offer the same benefits as freshly cooked tomatoes but slightly different taste because it has been preserved with some chemical preservatives.

Stewed tomatoes are used as a recipe for different variety of foods and can be eaten with almost any kind of food. These canned tomatoes also contain pepper and onion depending on the brand. Most persons love using stewed tomatoes for their meal but there are times it would not be available and you would need to use essential substitutes in which we would take a look at a few below.

1. Rotel Diced Tomatoes

This diced tomato is made with chilies and a good substitute for stewed tomatoes. It is made up of green chili which brings out a sumptuous taste in anything it is cooked with,

Rotel diced tomatoes are also canned and this chili kind of making it has more pepper than the stewed tomatoes. It offers a good taste to your meat and any other food with the same essential ingredients that are with stewed tomatoes.


Rotel diced tomatoes are slightly different from stewed tomatoes as It contains chili which gives it a pepper taste. It is a good and nice substitute for stewed tomatoes.

2. Fresh tomatoes

Of course, fresh tomatoes can be sued as a substitute for stewed tomatoes as that is the origin of the latter. All you’ve got to do is to blend the fresh tomatoes, steam for a few minutes, and then use it to prepare any meal of your choice.

It can be taken with anything from rice, meat, fish, and any other special variety of food. Fresh tomatoes, when steamed and cooked with onion or pepper, has a super sweet taste that will fill the gap for stewed tomatoes.


Fresh tomatoes are a very good substitute for stewed tomatoes and can be used to prepare any dish of your choice. It also offers the same health benefits as stewed tomatoes.

3. Diced tomatoes

Diced tomatoes are a good substitute for stewed tomatoes as it involves chopping pieces of tomatoes into almost similar sizes. These diced tomatoes can then be placed in a pot or fry pan, add diced onion and pepper, and the essential ingredients.

With that, you can then fry, cook, and use it to make any meal of your choice. Diced tomatoes offer the same benefits as stewed tomatoes.


Diced tomatoes are easy to make a substitute for stewed tomatoes as it becomes sumptuous when It is well made.

4. Ketchup

Ketchup is a recipe that contains spice, vinegar, sugar and can be used as a substitute for stewed tomatoes. It is sweet and can be used to prepare meals that you use stewed tomatoes to prepare.

Ketchup isn’t as thick as stewed tomatoes and because of its sugar content, it should be taken in small quantity.


Ketchup can be considered a substitute for stewed tomatoes, but it isn’t as thick as the former but gives your meals a good taste.

5. Tomato Puree

This is another good substitute for stewed tomatoes but is thinner than the latter. It can be used to prepare any food of your choice. You can add onions, pepper, and important ingredients to supplement it before using it for what you want.

Tomato puree also offers the same nutritional benefits as stewed tomatoes and is good to consume with rice.


Tomato puree is nice and a good substitute for stewed tomatoes. The only difference between the two is that the thickness of stewed tomatoes is more than that of puree.

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