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Substitute for Oil in Brownies Mix


Though unconventional, brownies can be weight gaining agents. This is on the back of them being the exciting additions to your family meal. The weight gaining effect is, however, almost entirely independent of the oil ingredient. But it has a partial role to play in the act. So, if you are looking at watching your diet, and brownies are something you can’t do without, watch out for oil substitutes in the meal below:

1. Applesauce

This is an excellent option for a substitute putting in mind that it lacks fats, cholesterol, and those kinds of calories you wouldn’t with they come your way. Therefore, it can be used to enhance your mixing experience.

Besides, the taste of applesauce cannot change the original brownies taste. And, you will use this sauce in equal amounts as you would have with oil. Therefore, not only does it give you the best version of your favorite brownie, but it also ensures that the nutritional and taste values are maintained.

2. Margarine

Margarine is made from vegetable fat. For those who don’t know, this is the best version of fat since it doesn’t have those harmful calories. This and the fact that it can be melted into oil makes it a better option for your brownie recipe. A mixture of margarine in your baking makes it creamy and soft. This is the perfect mixture for your brownies. Furthermore, you can use margarine without worrying about transforming the taste of your treasured meal. They have a light taste and smell that will not interfere with the integrity of your brownies.

3. Butter

Melted butter provides your brownies with another angle and taste. When you were using butter made with milk, you would expect a more creamy mixture and a creamy taste as well in your brownies. To obtain the best results for your substitute, use butter while it is melted. This is because it helps in mixing, such that you will have an easier go at it. However, butter usually goes great with chocolate, so you will have a perfect brownie after all.

4. Banana

Banana is non-fat – an exciting property you are looking for. Sadly, the result of your brownies may be too dry to enjoy. This means that you need to incorporate slight usage of oil in your recipe with banana puree. Mashed banana would still be a great option; however, it is too thick to enable an easy mix. That is why; a banana puree is used instead.

Bananas do have a strong taste. This translates them to be able to alter the original taste and smell of the brownies. If you decide to use it, only use a-quarter less than you would have with oil.

5. Shortening

This is the solid vegetable oil that undergoes hydrogenation process to solidify it. Just like margarine, you may want to preheat it to turn it into oil that is easier to mix. Shortening doesn’t have any taste or smell. It is therefore perfect for it doesn’t make any alterations on the taste of your brownies.

The bottom line

You have countless options for your brownies. The ones highlighted above are the best in terms of maintaining a healthy diet while maintaining the integrity of the brownies.

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