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Substitute for Andouille sausage

The French claim to be the creators of this sausage made from pork meat, fat, pig intestines, and tripe. Andouille sausage has a sharp taste as well as heavy and smoky flavor. Therefore, substitute with sausages that have the same characteristics. Here is the list of optimal replacement for the sausage.

1. Tofu sausages

This recipe is for vegan and it is free from oil while and filled with flavor. Tofu has several health benefits including a great source of proteins to vegetarians. It has isoflavones like phytoestrogens that have estrogen-antagonist properties. This assists to prevent heart diseases, cancers, and osteoporosis. Also, it lowers cholesterol levels and relieves menopause symptoms. Researchers claim that Tofu enhances hair, skin, lowers obesity, and prevent diabetes. Nutrition values in one block are 177 calories, 5.36g carbs, 12g fat, 15g protein, 421mg calcium, 65mg magnesium, 2mg zinc, 178mg potassium, 282mg phosphorus, and 3.35mg iron.


Tofu is the best vegetarian sausages. You can use get smoked tofu because it has an intense flavor. Take a smoking gun for the kitchen which will increase the intensity and elegance in recipes.

2. Mexican chorizo

This is spiced Spanish sausages that contain garlic. It uses natural casings obtained from the intestines. Chorizo is a good source of protein, thiamine, and vitamin B-12 and boosts selenium intake. It contains 84 calories, 14% sodium, 9.64% selenium, 23% vitamin B-12, 20.34% total fat, and 9.69% vitamin B-12. Use the sausage as toppings, substitute for ground beef or pork, Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian cuisines. You can fry, grill, or simmer then added to sandwiches and soups as flavor.


Mexican chorizo has a similar strong flavor like Andouille thus serves as a substitute. It does not have the same texture but you can add in recipes than needing Andouille. There are dry, raw, and loose varieties in the market. Cook the ingredient properly before consumption. Besides, the ratio of both sausages is 1:1, replace the same amount.

3. German smoked sausages

German smoked sausages or Bratwurst is created from beef, veal, or frequently pork. Nutrition facts per serving size are 275 calories, 8g saturated fat, 30mg cholesterol, 23g total fat, 1040mg sodium, 5g carbs,3g sugar, 13g protein, 60mg calcium, and 5g net carbs. It contains a high content of selenium that improves the immune system, helps rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and supports thyroid function. The presence of sodium regulates blood and helps muscle contractions.


German sausages are delicious with a strong scent and flavor. For example, bratwurst is a German sausage that has the same composition as Andouille. It contains pork and minced beef. You can include other ingredients in the mix like marjoram and caraway. Substitute the same amount with Andouille.

4. Kielbasa

This is a polish sausage that is mixed with fine or coarse pork and beef. It can be smoked or found fresh. You can it whole, slice, and put in other recipes. Kielbasa contains 226 calories, 18g fat, 70mg cholesterol, 13g protein, 1200mg sodium, 3.9g carbs, and 6% iron.


Kielbasa is a local term referring to sausage in Poland. There are two types namely Biala, raw sausage and mysliwska kielbasa is the smoked one. Smoked sausage is the best alternative and has a strong aroma and flavor. It has a low content of moisture hence it does not get spoilt fast.

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