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Egg substitute for cornbread

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Baking is not complex as many people think. If you don’t have a certain ingredient in your recipe don’t give up because there are so many ways to do without it. Again if you have health problems to don’t force yourself on something that will affect you. Find a suitable substitute ingredient or new ways to prepare the same dish without losing the flavor. Finding an egg substitute for cornbread is easy, but first, you need to understand its features or its importance.


Features of a good egg substitute for cornbread

Eggs are used as binding agents in most of the recipes and cornbread is not an exception. Fats and proteins from the eggs will help you to mix ingredients and prevent crumbling too. Proteins will trap air in your dough that will help you create fluffy baked goods. Another feature is that eggs are rich in fats which adds taste to your cornbread because of their good flavor enhancers. In addition, egg yolks contain lecithin which helps keep the cornbread tender and moist. Lastly, eggs are responsible for the formation of a golden crust on the cornbread. These are the best egg alternatives for cornbread.

1. Flax

Flax seeds are the best vegan egg alternatives for cornbread because they have all the features and binding properties. They are the most functional alternatives for eggs in almost any recipe. Grind two spoons of flax to replace one egg in cornbread. For every one egg that your recipe calls for a substitute it with two tablespoons of ground flax. You can add it in a glass of water to thicken first. However, flax seeds will not help the cornbread to rise so add a little bit of baking powder to stimulate it.

Flax is an excellent source of antioxidants, healthy fats, and fiber. In addition, they contain essential omega-3 also known as alpha-linolenic acid. Further, they have so many health benefits, for instance:

  • Cancer protection
  • Improves heart health
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Can improve blood sugar
  • Can help to reduce constipation


Flax is the best vegan egg substitute for cornbread. It is a perfect binder, nutritious and easy to prepare. Use two spoons of ground flax for each egg required for your cornbread.

2. Fruit Purees

Another vegan egg alternative for cornbread. Some fruits such as avocado, apples, pumpkin or banana can be used in the place for eggs because they provide moisture. In place for each egg use 3 to 4 tablespoons of mashed avocados or bananas, or the same quantity for pumpkin puree or apple sauce. Note that fruit purees may alter the flavor of your cornbread. Also, make sure toad 1/8 spoon of baking soda just like in flux because fruit purees lack leavening power.

Fruit purees are one of the most popular dishes for children. However, they are also used in several other recipes. Preparing your fruit puree is easy and takes a few ingredients and a short time to prepare. For example, to prepare a banana puree you need fresh bananas and milk. You can add other spices depending on your flavor preferences. Mash your bananas mixing them with fresh milk.

Fruits are a popular source of Fiber, minerals, vitamins and also their uncountable health benefits. It is advisable to eat at least one fruit every day. Some of the health benefits are:

  • They boost your energy
  • Good for heart health
  • Can regulate blood pressure
  • Suitable for bone health
  • Weight loss
  • Can aid digestion


Mash fruits that you enjoy eating because they alter the flavour of your cornbread. However, they are good binders and moisturizers just like the eggs. Lastly, they are very nutritious and healthy.

3. Gelatin

Gelatin is good for a one-time replacement because it has high amounts of proteins too. So if you are avoiding the eggs because of their protein profile then gelatin is not suitable for you. Consider using any of the above vegetarian alternatives. If you are a fanatic of gelatin use it because it is a great binder. Always use the unflavored gelatin on your cornbread because it will enhance the taste. For every one egg that your recipe calls for you can combine two tablespoons of gelatin Mix it as quickly as possible since gelatin sets up very fast. Gelatin nutritional value is 99% protein the other contains minerals and vitamins. Although it does not contain all amino acids for a typical protein it is constituted of glycine, proline, glutamic acid, and hydroxyproline all from (mammals).

Gelatin has health benefits such as:

  • Can ease joint pain and improve bone health
  • Can help to control blood sugar
  • It improves mental health and brain function
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Slows cancer growth
  • Can improve sleep quality


Gelatin is made by boiling cartilage bone and skin for a long period. Unflavored Gelatin is a great egg substitute for cornbread because it does not change the taste and it can prevent crumbling. In addition, it has various health benefits and you can get it easily from the stores.

4. Commercial egg replacers

There are many types of commercial eggs available today, make sure to read their constituents because some of them may include egg whites. If you are avoiding eggs completely then go for the typical commercial eggs made from tapioca starch, leavenings agents and leavening agents. They make a perfect egg substitute for cornbread because they do not affect the flavor in any way. Most popular brands available are Ener-G, Bob’s Red Mill, and organ. To replace one egg, combine 10g, of your commercial egg powder with 45g of warm water. Alternatively, you can use 1.5 teaspoons of egg replacer’s powder with 3 tablespoons of warm water. Read the instructions from these brands for any further instructions.

The main health benefit of using commercial egg replacers is that they lower the intake of cholesterol.


If you are shying away from the high amount of cholesterol intake from eggs this is the best alternative for you. Commercial Egg replacers mimic all the properties of the eggs such as moistening, binding, flavor enhancement, and leavening.

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