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Substitute for Coffee Filter

A cup of coffee every morning is very important as it boosts our energy levels and keeps us going. Waking up to find that you’ve exhausted all coffee filters can be very distressing. Luckily enough coming up with a simple substitute for the coffee filter is very easy. Actually making these simple alternatives involves materials that you may already have.


1.    Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth is a great substitute and many cooks highly recommend it. I know it is less common to have them around your house compared to coffee filters. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. Cheesecloth is made up of loosely woven cotton and is mainly used in making cheese. Also, it is used in other recipes such as printmaking and winemaking.

Cut it or fold it a couple of times so that it can fit in your coffee basket. No further work is needed to filter the coffee as usual.


If you have cheesecloth fold it several times or cut in a suitable size and use it as your coffee filter substitute. It is easy to prepare and some cheesecloth are reusable.


2.    Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy coffee tastes really good if made well making it the best substitute for coffee filters. It is a filter-free method of preparing coffee and you only need tools that you already have. Per every eight ounces of water use two tablespoons of fine coffee. Heat the mix in a kettle or a cooking pot and then pour it directly into your cup. All coffee grounds will settle in the bottom of your cup naturally.


This is a popular choice for campers and backpackers because it saves them space and time of hauling excess staff. You don’t have to be a backpacker to enjoy the taste of finely prepared coffee. Take advantage of your situation and make it at home. However, you will have to hold it still as you have a sip otherwise the grounds will raise.


3.    Paper Towel and napkins

An effective substitute for coffee filter should be able to prevent coffee grounds as well as oily substances from entering the cup. The paper towel method is very effective especially for coffee aesthete that is in a momentous bind. Not only do the paper towels prevent substances from sneaking into your coffee blend but they are easily available in times of coffee crisis.

First, you should cut or fold it into a coffee filter shape, pour your morning blend and voila, it is ready to step in as your temporary DIY coffee filter. After using this method you may forget to buy more filter because the process is very easy. However, you should use it as a temporary fix but there is no shame in using it next time you ran out of filters.


Paper towels are easily accessible and they prevent both oily substances and coffee grounds. Also, you probably have them around the house throughout. You just need to fold or cut it into a suitable size or shape of the coffee filter.


4.    Wire mesh filter

Paper filters are inconvenient, costly and they don’t make a good quality of coffee arguably. Why not ditch them for reusable wire mesh filters? When you start using them you will not wake up one day to struggle to make your drink. It is not only a permanent fix but it saves you money and the environment as well i.e. saving some few trees.

Using it is easy and it will make you forget about your old coffee maker. Place the filter on top of your mug and Put your preferred amount of coffee grounds and lastly pour hot water. That’s it you have a fresh flavor full mug of coffee to enjoy.


If you want a permanent solution the ditch your paper filters and buy a reusable wire mesh filter. You will never be trouble again and it saves you a few extra coins.


5.    Sock method

A coffee filter substitute that is always available on hand or foot which is often used in the south and Central America. It is also the best way to filter coffee connoisseur in a bind. Sock method is done in two ways. The traditional one is to simply toss coffee ground in a clean sock, put the sock in a mug, pour hot water, wait for few minutes and remove the sock using wire handle. The recent way does not involve immersing sock and coffee in water. You use pour-over the method by holding the sock above the mug and pour water. In addition, the sock method is a great alternative over paper filters that can be permanent. Besides the use of sock conserves the environment in view of reusing sock filters.


Sock method is among the simple and less expensive way to filter coffee. Washing the sock and using it later helps to keep the environment clean. You can as well buy the traditional sock and the drip pot in amazon to give a try.


6.    French press

Wake up with no stress by getting rid of paper filters and substitute with a French press. A French press does not only eliminate paper filters but also brews a perfect cup of coffee. The most interesting part is that the French press does not retain natural oils on the contrary to paper coffee filters which absorbs. The procedure is straight forward, you put coffee grounds in a container, pour water on the grounds, let the coffee to steep then press on the plunger to filter small particles.


The French press has added the advantage of giving more control of coffee extraction. For this reason, the longer you press the more refined coffee you get. On top of that, the French press is inexpensive and easy to use.


7.    Tea bags

You do not need paper filters and fancy items to make a perfect coffee. Tea bags are portable and easy to make in comparison with other coffee filters. The next time you want to make coffee, consider the use of tea bags. All you are required to do is grind your special blend, place coffee grinds in a tea bag, seal off the tea bag, boil water and pour it over the coffee bags. Interestingly you can reserve the tea bags in your car or desk on early commute.


Companies use the old fashion way into a full alternative. If you do not have time for pour-over, French press or drip, Coffee bags is the fast solution to use as well as use any place like camping, flight or any place.


Final thoughts

Coffee is very important and you don’t have to miss a cup because you have exhausted your filters. Prepare it the cowboy way or always buy instant coffee for back up because it does not need to be filtered. The sock method is very efficient too but makes sure it’s clean. The paper method is good too especially when you want to get rid of the oily substances.

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